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CURRENT INVESTIGATIONS: We're currently pursing numerous leads about the corruption of local officials in Owens Cross Roads, Alabama of:

  • Mayor Tony Keith Craig
  • Town Councilwoman Elizabeth Golden Craig
  • Police Chief Jason Dobbins
  • Police Officer Jeff Graves

Upon completion of our investigation, I will forward our report to the Madison County District Attorney, US Attorney, and Alabama Attorney General where I'll request a grand jury be empaneled and indictments be issued on both state and federal charges.

STATUS UPDATE: This website is still under construction. We have very limited resources to do our work, so the amount of work we can do right now is quite limited. In addition to other operating expenses (such as printer toner, paper, gas/travel, etc.) did you know we have to pay for every Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and for every page of federal court document we retrieve from PACER (unless it has already been made available from other sources)? Our work takes a long time to complete and can get very expensive! Please consider making a donation so we can continue our investigations and spread to other cities around the country.

Our human power comes from our volunteers, so our project overhead costs are very low. However, we still need to raise $5,000 in funds to install a secure drop box so that citizens can safely submit anonymous tips.

For security reasons, we are unable to use our existing corporate computing infrastructure for the SecureDrop installation and must have dedicated machines (three servers and three computers) for:

  1. Application Server
  2. Monitor Server
  3. Firewall Server
  4. Administrator Computer
  5. Journalist Computer
  6. Secure Viewing Station
  7. Lots of USB drives

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I'll be sharing all of the methods I use to uncover public corruption on this web site, but until the site is completed I encourage you to submit tips to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Public Corruption Unit.